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Oct. 18th, 2017 09:17 am
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http://www.electoral-vote.com/ has not updated today! So, why might they not have updated:

1) Usually they post up to the election and then stop. They have finally figured the election is over?

2) Ah, but in a post i can not find they said they would post through inauguration....

3) And then i think they planned to stay posting through the appointments....

So maybe they've decided the appointments will never be filled?

4) Or maybe there was no new news yesterday?

Which is my theory. Not once, yesterday, did i look at the NYTimes front page and think, "Wait, what? Now what?!" Which is nice.

Meanwhile, Mount Agung in Bali is gonna blow any day. My sister in law is headed to Singapore on Friday for work, and Bali for bucket list on the 25th-ish. What with fires, floods, hurricanes and hurricanes and hurricanes in Ireland, plus earthquakes -- we are definitely missing volcanic eruptions. And blizzards.
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Monday headache enough to stop work and take a nap. minor complaints )

Carrie's chewing over the weekend included my nice leather wallet from Levenger and my neice's Garmin Vivio (a fitbit type thing).

Also discovered the cats had been relieving themselves in an Ikea bag that contained my photography vest, some unwashed hiking socks, and other miscellaneous hiking and photography bits from August that i had not unpacked. So far the enzyme cleaners seem to be making a good difference.

My pets are going to teach me to Put Stuff Up. Sigh.

Weather is spectacular today! Dew point is in the mid 50s and the sky is an incredible blue ("California blue" is how i think of it since moving from the SF Bay Area). I am a little bummed that we went from humid to crisp without much mild in between. Tonight is dinner with my sister in law before she heads to Asia for a few weeks, so i won't be able to use this lovliness to work in the yard tonight. This Saturday, though, will be a bonfire day.

My sister is back from Germany today. O Travel -- i don't envy them at all.

I bravely told a correspondent from the local county mailing list that i'd be happy to meet up with him for coffee. Social. Eep. But probably good for me. We were corresponding about county politics and history.

As a side note, for an insignificant southern county, there are a handful of nonfiction books about the area. The naturalist book has a strong thread of economic/entrepreneurial content, that i _assume_ complements the slow money thread. Neither is technically about the county, but i believe both have a strong sense of the place. I wonder if there are other books, and whether this is unusual.

Estill, Lyle. Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future. New York: New Society Publishers, 2011. http://www.deslibris.ca/ID/436551.

Hewitt, Carol Peppe. Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money. Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 2013.

Kaufman, Wallace. Coming Out Of The Woods: The Solitary Life Of A Maverick Naturalist. First Printing edition. Cambridge, Mass.: Da Capo Press, 2000.

(To be clear, i'm not talking about the infinite number of local histories and genealogical references that i'm sure most counties have produced.)


Oct. 16th, 2017 08:41 am
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I listened to American Icons: One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest as i drove home from Charlotte yesterday evening. I was unfamiliar with the novel & movie: i'm glad to have picked up a bit of American culture by listening. The interview with the actress who played Nurse Ratched was interesting. I felt certain i recognized her voice, especially as she spoke of her interpretation of the character, a woman with power, doing what she believes is the right thing (and apparently doing something horrible). It turns out she's the actress who played Kai Winn / Vedek Winn on Deep Space Nine.

An interesting reprise, i should think, then.

--== ∞ ==--

Carrie watching the Crufts 125th Dog Agility Championship

Last night, after deciding that a second episode of Dirk Gently (2010) (of the Holistic Detective Agency) would bring no joy, i decided i'd put on something Carrie would like. So, here's Carrie watching the Crufts 125th Dog Agility Championship from youtube. She was riveted while the dogs were on the course. She'd lay down her head after the competitor left the field, but when the next one took the course, she was back at full attention. Watching the dogs weave through the slalom poles was amazing. Carrie definitely has a deep streak of border collie in her.

With respect to Dirk Gently i feel like it's "Sherlock was a big hit, let's try to do something else." I am wrong about this, apparently, as it came out the same year as Sherlock began. Something about the visual language of the deductive process seems so similar. Now that i think about it, there's a little bit of overlap, too, with the portrayal of the second detective in Death in Paradise. Perhaps there's a limit to how many British produced mysteries one can consume.

--== ∞ ==--

This week i trusted in the worship process and i trusted that it isn't my job to make sure an hour is filled. Having a half hour for waiting worship is just fine: that's just me. I gave the message yesterday, and was well supported after. The most flattering and sweet thing was someone telling me they were surprised i'd only been attending for a year and a few months. It's lovely to know i've fit in so well.

I do need to write a letter to transfer my membership.

Slack Channels

Oct. 13th, 2017 07:29 am
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SLACK: i have to use Slack for a standards committee i'm on, and so i'm interested to know if there are slack channels folks find useful. The easily found lists of "best slack channels" don't match my interests.

Any suggestions?


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Oct. 12th, 2017 09:02 am
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Somewhere between sauteed and seared green tomatoes are just delicious. As the season draws to a close, i feel the need to be thrifty with bug-beset tomato fruits. I've suspected the critters hide in chewed up fruit and so i've been dumping them in the woods. But the nibbled on tomatoes i've been cutting them up (generally, for the grape tomatoes, simply a half that is good and a half that's been nibbled) and cooking them in the cast iron pan. Sure, really really ripe tomatoes are divine, but these are pretty good.

The greens are just beginning to be big enough to care about and not be too fussy when thinning. And the second planting of yellow squash is putting forth tiny little yellow fruit. It's hard to decide whether to pick them or not. Some i've picked and they've still been a bit green, others seem like they could have grown more.

We also have had some lovely rain: that should help gardening all around. I've planted some more beets and carrots to see if i can get them going before the first frost. I've seedlings of lettuce and particular brassicas in the green house that i should get out in the garden.

--== ∞ ==--
This morning i am reading [personal profile] sonia's writing about healing around the edges as part of getting back into the habit of following my self-help reading schedule. I put the items in the reading list over the past few years, but in Nov of last year i stopped using my to-do list software (emacs org file, for the curious). I am trying to get back into the list habit, but as i restart i find EVERYTHING is overdue. Anyhow, i will truncate this digression to just say, yay me, i'm getting a self care habit back.

So, at some point, i noted that there are two "traumas" i want to work through (1) the awful years at work when VP Z was in charge and was keeping the then New Director at his side, and (2) the effect of Christine's elephants.

I was working with my somatic experiencing therapist during the Z-hell to cope through it. Just thinking about that time brings tears and the need to go through a cycle of feeling and then distancing myself from the feelings. I'm impressed by how quickly i found that distress lingering. It's clear i may need to be somewhat intentional about resolving those feelings.

--== ∞ ==--

The spiders have mostly learned to stay clear of paths, it seems. They're still about: almost every window has a creature with a body at least the size of a quarter spinning a classic spoked web. Up above the front sidewalk a couple of spiders create their large webs. I suppose i'm going through some sort of exposure therapy, slowly reducing my aversion to the creatures. Maybe. If i think about them i find myself stressed. Breathe in, out, in, out.

After skimming through some resources, i think what has happened is that the spring baby orb weavers are finally big enough to make the massive webs by late August, creating spider web season. The females are probably getting as much food as they can for reproduction, and then, with the first frost, they'll be out of here.

It helps a little to understand why they aren't around all year.

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I was asked by [personal profile] warriorsavant what leading worship meant, and i thought it might be of broader interest.

The Quaker meeting i am now attending (and to which i will soon transfer membership) is semiprogrammed. In a very brief history, Quakers came to the US with their practice of waiting worship with no prepared plan of what would happen during the worship time other than waiting in silence for the Spirit to move folks to share messages. (A current visitor to such meetings in the US might develop a suspicion the Spirit was named NPR, but i digress.)

With the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, many Friends moved west, leaving the early Quaker communities smaller. In places like North Carolina "smaller" meant quite small. Also, leading up to the civil war, the second "great awakening" was going on in the US, with protestant revivals attracting much attention. Between the influence of the other churches activities and the limited resources of a small congregation, the inclination to hire a pastor to help fill the needs instead of relying on the whole of the community became attractive. So, circa 1900, a good number of Quaker Meetings in North Carolina left the traditional practices, started hiring ministers, and soon became less distinct from Baptists and Methodists.

The Meeting i'm attending apparently ceased having a minister about 12 or 15 years ago. They've not gone fully to "open worship" but still have a pianist a couple times a month and folks in the meeting take turns leading worship.

So that's me.

Ever since volunteering, i've been making notes to try and figure out the "order of service," a concept that pulls at my childhood memory of t the Presbyterian Church. I remember learning the formality of the Presbyterian service, concepts such as making sure that credo, praise, confession, intercession were all present in the worship. That clearly isn't going on. It's more the structure of opening, announcements and then sharing "joys and concerns", then a bit of structure with children's message, collecting offering (if there are kids to take 'round the wooden plates) with potential singing, then a message.

I've gotten the sense over the year plus that each person brings their own qualities when they lead. Some read from the bible, some from positive thinking email lists, from from Quaker sources. Everyone's different, so if my difference is that there's much more "open worship" --well, then, so be it.

Except i can't help but worry that i'm doing it wrong. Because that's my being new to the whole thing. It's my insecurity, my being in front of people, my sudden blanking out of names....

I plan to check in with someone for a little advice, so there's that.

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Oct. 9th, 2017 07:24 am
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Weekend went *poof*. There was quite a bit of humidity, but finely rain. I sprinkled around more lawn seed+white clover in some areas, and oats, rape, and tillage radish in the orchard-to-be area.

The house came with a nice modest fenced yard. It's a little small for Carrie to race around in. It's better than nothing, but we have to work to get her places where she can exercise. Edward & Luigi really want out, now, too. They would be quite pleased to jump over the fence and go exploring. The orchard area abuts the fenced yard, so the current plan is to just replace the white plastic yard fence with deer fencing around a much larger area that is a deer (and coyote and bobcat and racoon) out, pets and fruit trees in area. The fence is going to need to be much more serious than i imagined. IE: we'll be hiring someone.

The oats and brassicas i'm sowing in the future orchard are not only "green manure" but also their presence will hopefully deter the winter chickweed and bittercress from Europe and the spring stilt grass. I'd imagined planting vegetables and flowers under the apples, i'm going to have to ponder how this is going to work if we are also using it as the yard for the pets.

I probably ought to be getting lime out there now. Then whenever we get the heavy machinery to grade and maybe disk the area.... well, first to get rid of the "trash" trees and the rescues of the native plants and mosses we find.

This weekend i dehydrated some of the grape tomatoes. They're like candy now. I am torn between just nibbling away and saving them for some lovely meal in the middle of winter. I think if i can visualize the meal, i might be able to hold off.

There's a good number of half ripe tomatoes on a plant that has been killed by some critter eating all the leaves. I wonder if i should pickle those. The salty green tomato pickles are still being enjoyed.

--== ∞ ==--

I led worship again this past Sunday, with a great amount of shyness and performance anxiety. I know it's not a performance. I know they aren't judging me. But but but.
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